Tips to lift the fallen cheeks

Tips to lift the fallen cheeksWith time and age the fallen cheeks will be more or less pronounced may be due to our genetic heritage, weight changes or bad nutrition.

We can mitigate the effects of these factors with simple remedies and by following few Tips to lift the fallen cheeks:

Facial exercises

As we exercise to tighten the buttocks or abdomen, we can do the same with our cheeks.  They have muscles and therefore, you can steady it and fix your sagging.

This is a practice that is worth following. In front of the mirror, take a very exaggerated and marked smile and hold it for ten seconds, then rest and repeat five times. Then fill your mouth with air, as if filling a hot air balloon and keep the mouth full for another ten seconds, then relax to return to repeat the exercise for five times.

Finally, with both hands, make a circular massage right on top of the cheekbone for two minutes, then continue to massage a little further down, in the center of the cheek, in the area where you can feel your teeth. Repeat for twice daily.

Avocado and honey mask

This remedy is very well known and really easy to do.  We know that avocado has great properties to firm the skin and hydrate it with him got a more toned and well-nourished skin, avoiding the appearance of wrinkles and even extending this nourishment to muscles.

To make use of great fruit properties just pick up the pulp of avocado and add two tablespoons of honey, then mix them all together and apply the resulting cream on the cheeks, leaving acting for fifteen minutes.  After this time simply rinse with warm water.  It is a perfect mask to use before bed.

Yogurt mask

This is a really nutritious option and used by many women.  The plain yogurt when combined with Aloe , operates excellently for firm skin.  This is a recipe with which it pays to start the day.

To benefit from it just take four tablespoons of plain yogurt and put in a container where it can add two tablespoons of aloe gel soup. With a spoon, mix the ingredients until everything is well homogeneous.

Apply to face with the help of a brush and let act for twenty minutes.  See how adheres well to the skin.  After spending twenty minutes remove with water.  You can notice the smoother skin immediately.  If you apply this treatment every day will see how, little by little, can soften the visual impression of fallen cheeks.

Correct feeding

We know that what we eat is reflected outwardly.  Thus, we must consider that a fluid retention that will appear more swollen cheeks and the weight differences will in the long run, that directly affect our metabolism and our skin, which eventually will become limp and sag.

But all this can be avoided if we follow one purifying diet based on natural juices of grapefruit, orange and even strawberry, which is excellent for cleaning and purifying the body. In addition, we must add in our dishes salads, fiber, nuts and always vegetable protein, since the important thing is, mainly, sign the muscle.

If the skin is flaccid lost weight, so we must always take care of facial muscle, so that it is strong and well nourished, so we need to consider as well the consumption of proteins vegetables.  Also be sure to stay well hydrated, thus can clear toxins from the body and cause your organs to function much better. Wedge fallen cheeks is possible with a little effort and these simple tips.

Image Courtesy : Cleveland Clinic

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