Time management

Time management is not only to produce more !!!

All human beings, without exception, inequality or prejudice, are benefited with the same 24 hours a day, nothing more and nothing less. But how is that for some people these 24 hours seem to last longer?

Time management


Time management is a knowledge sought by more and more people in our modern society, cheating those who think that managing your own time is simply a matter of producing MORE when in fact the goal that everyone should seek is how to produce BETTER.

Best can have different meanings for each type of business, but generally means achieving results with less wear, less stress. But having more time or produce better involve a number of practices such as discipline, perseverance and self-knowledge.

Time management for women

Why women should do something differently?

Throughout history women were aggregating papers, while leaving some men have side. Of housewife and mother, women are entrepreneurs today, mothers, sisters, housewives, wives, volunteers, teachers and more that all we women know. In addition, women are donors and urgent beings, that is, women do more for others around you and have a greater sense of urgency. Difficulties for those who want to own your own time.

In research conducted with women for her work, the situation of women shown increasingly critical than men:

  • 91% of women report being stressed
  • 58% say they can not find balance between work and personal lives
  • 78% say they have more time for relationships as husbands and children (increasingly women exchange being a mother or wife by profession)
  • 68% of women access social networks at work (are always present even virtually)

How to own your time

Answer quickly! Phrases like “I did because I did not have time” or “the fault is not mine, did not have time” or “then the charge did not have time also did not” form part of your routine?

If so, stop a little and watch these tips to better manage your time:

  • Goals: Know what you want and set goals. But goals and objectives make the task of saying no to some easier activities. You really need to solve all these pending issues today? Or you have anything that you are spending time and it will not take you to your goal?
  • Planning: You cleaned up your schedule and left only the essential tasks. Great!Time to plan! Plan week after week, do not make huge lists and impossible to finish. Considering your goals, plan all the activities you want to accomplish next week. One tip is to do this every Sunday night, it helps to reduce the anxiety of the second and run throughout the week.
  • Organization: Fact right? Have an agenda with notes, phone numbers and emails of necessary contacts, set alarms for reminders on your cell phone and whenever possible make a clean sweep in your email box, telephone, computer and desk.Make things work for you and not vice versa.

For now, start an exercise yourself. Create a weekly standard and review all activities for you. What you should do and what you can move on to someone else or cut?

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