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Importance of calcium intake in our body

Calcium is an essential mineral for the development and maintenance of bones. Calcium intake not only regulates nerve function, also contributes to muscle contraction and heart function. How much calcium should we take? It is always important to take an adequate amount of calcium, no matter how old you are. Calcium requirements vary throughout life, but

Myths and Truth about Bread

There are many myths and truth about bread, bread is still a food surrounded by misconceptions.   Myth : bread is fattening: The bread often becomes the No. 1 enemy of the diet starts when dieting. But prevents he really slim down? “If you eat a lot, bread, like everything else, of course can make

Should Maggi be banned?

Todays breaking news is Should Maggi be banned?   Maggi which is the most popular snack and most favorite among all age groups is allegedly made with “overuse” of “Mono Sodium Glutamate” (MSG) and lead as per media reports. Apparently in Lucknow Food Safety and Drug Administration, it is found that Maggi has high-levels of MSG

Tasty breakfast options to lose weight

Tasty breakfast !!! People say “If you want to activate your metabolism and lose weight then eat only oatmeal, egg white or whole grain crackers for breakfast”. But there are other delicious and tasty breakfast options to lose weight. The breakfast is the ideal time to start the day with a healthy and delicious way, and

Health Benefits of cauliflower

Cauliflower is a very healthy vegetable, family member of cruciform vegetables, among which stands out is the green broccoli.  There are many amazing benefits of cauliflower as it comprises about 85% water, lacking in carbohydrates, proteins and fats but is rich in important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytochemicals. It is ideal for a

Nutritious Breakfast for Children

The main meal of the day is breakfast. Although this is common knowledge, in occasions is the food that receives lesser importance. Children in general are often reluctant to have breakfast, so it is necessary to rely on for food recipes which are healthy and nutritious breakfast for children.  The breakfast fulfils the function of

Tips to Grow your Nails Faster

Every one have this thought in their mind to enhance their beauty, here in this article we will discuss about one of those “How to Grow your  nails faster”. Your nails grow approximately 3 mm per month. This seems an eternity when you want your nails to grow faster. Use these natural recipes and advices

Best Sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) is involved in many body functions. It stimulates the immune system protects the blood vessel wall, promoting the formation of collagen and red blood cells, increased iron absorption … Antioxidant, it also scavenges free radicals involved in many diseases.Please note Smokers should increase their Vitamin C intake of 35 mg

Health benefits of Oats

Oats is a cereal that can be recommended for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.  Oatmeal can lower your cholesterol, especially your LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.  This cereal is consumed regularly as whole flake or sound.   There are many health benefits of Oats which is discussed below: Lowering cholesterol Oats has an impact on blood cholesterol levels. 

Special diets

For a particular health related problem we need special diet to over come that problem. We are listing below the special diets to follow in case of some common health problems. Special diets for constipation Increase fiber intake The management of chronic constipation with normal or slow transit includes patient education, changing lifestyles, dietary changes,