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Avoid hangover

Carnival is a time of joy, to celebrate and to rest the mind. Unfortunately, many people end up exaggerating the drink. If you exaggerate, be attentive and learn to recover quickly to avoid hangover. Acute alcoholism Unlike the repetitive use of alcohol and prolonged, sporadic excessive use, it is called acute alcoholism. It usually causes

Be a strong, independent woman

Woman should always endeavour to maintain good levels of autonomy and independence in their lives as they contribute a lot to your personal fulfilment and happiness. Woman must have confidence in themselves and in their capabilities, in order to be able to face the daily adversities alone. However, the idea does not pass for live

Things not to stop because of boyfriend

Relationships are based on exchanges and shares: the emotions, experiences, good and bad times.So it is necessary that you and your partner are in line and according to the maximum possible issues that may involve a courtship. However, as this is not always a reality in romantic entanglements, it may be that some attitudes of