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Wheezing Causes and treatment

What is Wheezing ? Wheezing is a whistling sound that happens during breathing that may be a symptom of a Congestive heart failure illness or other causes or conditions. Wheezing can be more while exhaling (breathing out).   The chirp at the inhalation is caused by a narrowing in the upper respiratory tract (i.e., nose,

Room decoration tips

The room decoration, the basic idea is to decide where you will put the bed followed by the remaining elements. Read below our room decoration tips: If space is not a problem, there are several resources for maximum comfort and a feeling of lightness. Only with the bed design, you can get a sense of

What to do when the child hits his head

The child who falls and hits his head usually is only with a hematoma that normally cures within 2 weeks, it is not necessary to go to the emergency room or consult the pediatrician.Minor head injuries in young children are scary. And although the wounds are usually small, some head injuries need immediate medical care.

Head lice treatment

Head lice are disgusting, annoying, they itch and pain and above all they are unhealthy. Head lice are small, wingless parasitic insect that lives in human hairs and feeds on tiny amounts of blood drawn from the scalp. These are very common among kids. Head lice spreads epidemically from other kids, teachers and especially because of

Tips of skin care in summer

Outdoor exercise, beautiful day in the outdoor pool or at the lake, hiking in the mountains and seaside holiday – the summer can be so beautiful. But we need to know few tips of skin care in summer as we do not know how our skin will react due the increased UV radiation, elevated ozone levels,

Tips to stop Hiccups

Many of you know that certainly from my own experience. It is just in the middle of a conversation, and talks, suddenly the fluency of a dreaded is interrupted “Hicks!”. The hiccups makes it impossible that we continue to participate in the conversation. Unless we know the cure and tips to stop Hiccups, with which you

Home remedies for dry nose

If your nose is wet or running, it might be embarrassing, we cannot have good sleep with dry nose, dry nose causes breathing problems and it can also be really hurting.   Dry nose also is a signal that we are suffering from dry mucous membranes, and that is very bad because dry mucous membranes

Home remedies for rashes

Suddenly reddens the skin, it caused strange pustules or blisters, but above all it itches, that means we have a rash. First, we must determine what itches us there.  If we can not, if fever or other symptoms happen – then we need to see a doctor. But until then we can, of course, access

Home remedies for menstrual cramps

A nasty, painful thing that strongly engages the psyche is menstrual cramps. This leads to cramps in the abdomen, pain all the way up in the upper abdomen, nausea through to complete failure (menstrual pain). Many women feel mentally strained to the utmost, the nerves are on the edge, even hysterical attacks may be the consequences of