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The Wonders of Green Tea for your Skin

You have probably heard of the therapeutic properties of green tea : acts as a great antioxidant, activates the immune system, lowers cholesterol levels, prevents cancer and many other benefits. But what many people do not know is that green tea also has cosmetic properties, which bring many benefits for our beauty. On the potential

Clay benefits for skin

Clay is great to take care of beauty, both in aesthetic treatments as in therapies. It is a component of mineral origin, collected directly from the soil, composed of aluminium (aluminium oxide), silica (silicon dioxide) and water. Clay benefits for skin In addition to medicinal treatments, the clay is used in aesthetic treatments for the

Keep away mosquitoes in natural ways

One of the main problems that comes along with the heat and the summer is mosquitoes.Aside from annoying, tiny these insects may be hazardous for your health after carrying a bunch of microbes. In parallel, the same dangerous can be chemical formulations proposed as repellents. Don’t worry though. There are ways to save you from

Surprising and Unusual uses of onions

There are many surprising and unusual uses of onions which have actually been tested with outstanding results.Widely used in food, as a spice and in addition to the various types of dishes, onion is not only confined to cooking. Onions has many antioxidants, making it  powerful in fighting against diseases such as cancer.  The properties of this

5 tips to remove clothes moths

A natural enemy of the clothes is moth, an insect of the family of butterflies, which are developed through a process of metamorphosis, going through the following stages: egg, larva, cocoon, and adult, which is the insect known as a moth. It is the larva of the moth which damages tissues and against whom we must

8 amazing uses of baking soda

One of this wonderful beauty of allies we can easily find at home is baking soda, a product known for its uses in the kitchen and for our health, but also gives us great benefits for our beauty treatments. One of the great advantages of sodium bicarbonate is that its price is very economical and in addition, we

Homemade cleansing mask

Rather than spending lot of time and money at spa you can have the great skin with simple, homemade cleansing mask: Ginger cleansing mask Ginger is one thing often used for home remedies, but not much for the skin.  In an exfoliating homemade mask, can do wonders.  Just follow the below recipe. An exfoliating mask

Tasty breakfast options to lose weight

Tasty breakfast !!! People say “If you want to activate your metabolism and lose weight then eat only oatmeal, egg white or whole grain crackers for breakfast”. But there are other delicious and tasty breakfast options to lose weight. The breakfast is the ideal time to start the day with a healthy and delicious way, and

Chocolate muffins

Give your kids a surprise, prepare tasty Chocolate muffins at home in easy steps: Preparation time: 30 min             Cooking time: 20 min Level: medium recipe for 15 muffins Ingredients: 100g chopped dark chocolate 125g softened butter 200 g caster sugar 2 c.  s to.  maple syrup 2 large eggs 1 c.  to c.  liquid vanilla

Tips to Clean Toilet

The bathroom is one of the areas of our home more inviting to relax. But to make it a nice place is very important to keep it clean and in perfect condition, especially in areas as sensitive as the toilet. If your goal is to prevent or remove yellow stains and dirt on this element