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The Wonders of Green Tea for your Skin

You have probably heard of the therapeutic properties of green tea : acts as a great antioxidant, activates the immune system, lowers cholesterol levels, prevents cancer and many other benefits. But what many people do not know is that green tea also has cosmetic properties, which bring many benefits for our beauty. On the potential

Decorating Ideas for Bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal place in your home, a place of rest, privacy and relaxation.  Everyone imagines the beautiful decoration in his mind for his personal room with bright wall color and pretty curtains. So here are few beautiful decorating ideas for bedroom. Soothing design Bedroom design should be created such a way that easily accommodates

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

How to clean your bathroom to make it rosy as the first day ?  Our Bathroom Cleaning Tips for a flawless mirror, bathtub descaled, shiny sink, healthy pipeline and a perfect tiling. To clean the bathroom, begins by de-scale the bathtub Traces in a bathtub, it is always dirty.  To remove these streaks of limestone,

Decorate your home with flowers

Often we do not feel satisfied with our home and we feel we need to renew and make changes. However, to combat this feeling, sometimes it is not necessary to make major reforms, but the details can make a big difference. A good example is the floral decor , through which we can make our home look completely different, full of light, color and