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Unusual uses of baby powder

The primary use of baby powder is the prevention from diaper rashes in infants. Check out the following unusual uses of baby powder that may be helpful in your day to day life: 1.  Reduce noise in new footwear Your new footwear often give that “little noise” with every step?  This is due to friction between

Decorating Tips for Children’s room

When it comes to children’s room, it is essential that the room is comfortable, transmit to children the feeling of security and bring references of attitudes and tastes, though the child has no well defined preferences. Another important point about decorating children’s bedrooms is to break the stereotypes: girl’s bedroom decorated in pink and boy in

Tips for choosing a good digital camera

A nice digital camera is a great gift idea for any occasion, but which one to choose among different device families(compact, bridges, DSLR and hybrid) and the hundreds of other available models? Depending on the lifestyle, the interest in photography and of course the budget, follow our below tips to be sure you have made the

Photography tips for flowers

Succeeding in taking beautiful photograph of flowers is not as simple as it sounds. It requires technique and good preparation to treat your shots. When we are planning for photography we must choose the time of day, the subject, the camera angle, composition and purpose: by choosing a macro perspective, expect you to plunge into the

Tips to Clean Toilet

The bathroom is one of the areas of our home more inviting to relax. But to make it a nice place is very important to keep it clean and in perfect condition, especially in areas as sensitive as the toilet. If your goal is to prevent or remove yellow stains and dirt on this element

Unusual uses of Egg Shells

Composed primarily of calcium, egg shells serves to protect the inside of the same, where the embryo develops. Instead of throwing out the egg shell after consuming it, we can put it to use in the garden, cleaning the kitchen and even decoration. We’ll show you some unusual uses of egg shells and ideas of

Tips for Lighting your Home

When we think of lighting in our home , we always thought we would like each corner had little touches of light that help us to be your best inside. Depending on what we like, we can determine what type of ornament best suits to our house. Below are some tips for Lighting your Home