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The Wonders of Green Tea for your Skin

You have probably heard of the therapeutic properties of green tea : acts as a great antioxidant, activates the immune system, lowers cholesterol levels, prevents cancer and many other benefits. But what many people do not know is that green tea also has cosmetic properties, which bring many benefits for our beauty. On the potential

Honey therapy

Honey is the energy food with excellence health aid, first class food for infants, children and elderly and a tonic for athletes and people who feel fatigued.   It is a sedative for the body. Below are the Honey therapy •  Liver: increases the amount of glycogen available, which exerts a protective function on the liver.

Tips for good sleep

Insomnia !!!! Now the very thought of spending another night tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep, frightens anyone.   Anyone who has gone through that situation at some point in their lives perfectly knows the anguish that triggers the associated health problems, fatigue, weakening our immune system, low physical and intellectual performance. Lack

Clay benefits for skin

Clay is great to take care of beauty, both in aesthetic treatments as in therapies. It is a component of mineral origin, collected directly from the soil, composed of aluminium (aluminium oxide), silica (silicon dioxide) and water. Clay benefits for skin In addition to medicinal treatments, the clay is used in aesthetic treatments for the

Excess coffee can lower the breast size

Studies suggests that excess coffee consumption may lead to decrease in the size of the breasts of some women.   The research published in the journal British Journal of Cancer indicates that the decrease occurs due to a genetic variation that affects about 50% of women and only among those who drink three or more

Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin

The almond oil is obtained by cold pressing. It is a tonic increasingly used in cosmetics for its large number of qualities that make it ideal for the skin. Almond oil’s great soothing capacity makes it ideal for these circumstances and can be easily mixed with other essences. Most of us have heard of almond oil benefits

Makeup Tips For Girl Who Wears Glasses

Girls who wears glasses not only looks mature but they can look more beautiful. Women who wears glasses end up getting in doubt about how to reconcile the makeup with the accessory. Many believe that the frames hide their faces and the makeup is unnecessary, which is not true. Who wears glasses can and must apply make

Beauty benefits of sugar

Sugar is always seen as a beauty villain.  And rightly so, it is just a food rich in calories, has almost no nutrients (mainly refined and crystal versions) and has the amazing power to make the hands of the scale shoot when you abuse the dessert more than it should. But what many people forget

Shikakai :Alternative to wash the hair

To take good care of the hair, product options are not restricted to perfume and cosmetic stores. Some options are more natural, are already on the market and promises great results for the hair.   Comes from ayurveda therapy, of Indian origin, Shikakai is the alternative to wash the hair without shampoo. The shikakai, as it