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Child development tips

Important steps for child development   The development of young children is an impressive achievement. Alone to school enrolment, they acquire the most important foundations for their future lives. The course of the child’s development is the mutual influence of inherited physical systems, from his own experience of experience and age-appropriate suggestions from the environment

Night terror in children

Insomnia or hypersomnia if the type of sleep disorders which Is found rarely in children, nightmares and night terror in children, however, are quite common especially between 4 and 8 years.   When do Night terror in children occurs ? Sleep is divided into several major phases. The light sleep phases alternate with slow, deep sleep

7 amazing reflexes of a Newborn

Gripping, sucking, lifting the head. These involuntary automatic movements that appear during fetal life, the birth, your newborn has not completed the maturation of the nervous system, including the motor nerves beam from the brain to control his movements. The movements he makes are partly automation, innate reflexes that allow it to adapt to its

Say Bye to Wrinkles with Injections

To slay the ride without a lot of side effects and without too start the portfolio, the injections are a good vein. Botox, collagen and hyaluronic acid get the lion’s share to make it disappear, temporarily but surely, unwanted grooves. Against wrinkles, injections of fillers: the principle The principle of the injections of fillers is simple:

Baby teething

What is the right age for baby teething? Baby teething usually at the age of six months when we see the first baby tooth, a median incisor in the lower jaw. But it may as well appear to five months, or in some cases not appear at the age of one year. Do not panic! The development

Beauty tips for busy women

Being beautiful without missing a second of precious time, that’s what we all want. And some will succeed very wisely. Below are beauty tips for busy women of all ages for looking glamorous in less time… Between baby care, work load, maintaining the beauty capital every morning is a real race against the clock. That

Hairstyle matching your face shape

Whether your hairstyle matching your face shape ? Below are some tips for hairstyle matching  your face shape to look great. Different individual has different face shapes like Round, chubby, square, feminine, oval etc.  Hairstyle matching your face shape and suiting your features will definitely spice up your look. Here are some tips for your hairstyle matching your face shape,

Protect Kids from Mobile Devices Radiation

Nowadays kids are using mobile devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets ,more than ever before. The trend will only increase.We should protect our bodies from mobile devices radiation containing potential toxins that surround us. Kids absorb much more mobile devices radiation than adults and are more susceptible to the harmful effects of EMF exposure and radiation.

What are the symptoms of miscarriage?

Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is often preceded by warning symptoms. Can we detect alone? When to see the gynecologist? “Theoretically, one speaks of miscarriage up to 6 months of pregnancy, but the vast majority of which occurs before the end of the second month. Women prefer sometimes wait for the conclusions of the first ultrasound