Avoid hangover

Carnival is a time of joy, to celebrate and to rest the mind. Unfortunately, many people end up exaggerating the drink. If you exaggerate, be attentive and learn to recover quickly to avoid hangover. Acute alcoholism Unlike the repetitive use of alcohol and prolonged, sporadic excessive use, it is called acute alcoholism. It usually causes

Electronic cigarette

Invented in China, electronic cigarette is an electronic device that generates a “steam” and can be flavoured and does not contain nicotine. Is it provided a real aid to smoking cessation? Is it safe? Should it be considered a drug These are topics of debate that inflame specialists for several months. How does electronic cigarette work

Travel during Pregnancy

Travel during pregnancy cannot be avoided for the day to day life even for a house wife.The safety of the pregnant woman while travelling is very essential.   A woman should avoid driving in the last months of pregnancy, for the anxiety and no traffic to let uncomfortable. More than thinking that the ideal means

The Wonders of Green Tea for your Skin

You have probably heard of the therapeutic properties of green tea : acts as a great antioxidant, activates the immune system, lowers cholesterol levels, prevents cancer and many other benefits. But what many people do not know is that green tea also has cosmetic properties, which bring many benefits for our beauty. On the potential

Tips to choose the right Profession

It is at this time that the season for enrolment in college entrance exams is heated. After all, it ends when the average cycle of teaching, forcing millions of young people to make decisions about how to proceed in studies – that these decisions will have a major impact on their future careers. At this time the

Promising careers for women

No doubt, we women can work in any area and get financial success, regardless of gender. Gone is the time which women had to stay indoors, cooking and washing her husband’s clothes. However, there are some promising careers in which women can highlight the more than men and thus achieve an excellent income and the

Room decoration tips

The room decoration, the basic idea is to decide where you will put the bed followed by the remaining elements. Read below our room decoration tips: If space is not a problem, there are several resources for maximum comfort and a feeling of lightness. Only with the bed design, you can get a sense of

Therapeutic Massage

A massage is a targeted treatment of physical ailments, relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction and solving blockades, and ultimately leads them on a new well-being to harmonize body, mind and soul. Body massage is one of the best way to relax and release the stress. As everybody know that massage therapy has been exist for

Lies can end your job interview

Telling lie during a job interview or a hiring process can destroy your chances of ever being hired with that employer. Lying at a job interview can easily be caught than you might think.Well, the shot can backfire. Some lies that in his view may seem small, in fact can lead you to lose a