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Differences and rivalries between brothers

The sibling relationship differs from family to family and differences and rivalries between brothers is very common problem in a family. Some brothers love each other from the beginning and gain a complicity and proximity that extends between them throughout life. On the other hand, brothers hide their feelings and end up having a relationship with

Social networking sites relationship

Social networking sites relationship are an attractive alternative to more traditional solutions with the help of modern technology. They deserve our attention, so it is an option to be explored, and actually spent more time surfing the internet, so it makes sense that we also try these social networking sites relationship. However, while trying these more

Things not to stop because of boyfriend

Relationships are based on exchanges and shares: the emotions, experiences, good and bad times.So it is necessary that you and your partner are in line and according to the maximum possible issues that may involve a courtship. However, as this is not always a reality in romantic entanglements, it may be that some attitudes of

Be a good father to your daughter

First man in the life of every daughter is her dad, hence he has a very vital role to play.  Our suggestion on how to Be a good father to your daughter . Respect her mother Treat her mother with respect, honor, and affection. When she grows up seeing, she will definitely fall for someone who treats

Avoid Divorce

To avoid Divorce stop being demanding Divorce is so common nowadays, be it love marriage or arranged. Time has come we should try to avoid Divorce. The main reason is clashes between the partners.We always wish and demand that our partner should be the way we want him/her. We tend to change them accordingly. But we should not

Overcome your break up

To Overcome your break up is easy to say but much harder to do. You just got dumped or broke up with someone, doesn’t matter if it was a long-term or short term affair but you really need to start getting on with life and move on. Fear to love again Due to repeated failure

Low Sexual Desire

Does your partner needs more sex than you can offer? Do you have low sex desire? One in five men do not want sex. How is this possible ? And why have you not heard ? In fact, many women are aware – those who hear the phrase “Not tonight, dear.“. “But in fact, almost

Prevention of female sexual dysfunction

Measures to reduce the risk of contracting various diseases and by extension or coital pain that they can cause Following below tips can help in prevention of female sexual dysfunction ◾  Have good personal hygiene to prevent vaginitis. ◾  Protect against urinary tract infections.  Wipe from front to back after going to the toilet and urinate

What are Female sexual disorders

Female sexual disorders and dysfunction can affect everyone, both male and female, and at any age. Whatever the problem, it is often difficult to distinguish , what is physiological and what is psychological.  The ideas, thoughts and feelings are at least as important as the physical manifestations. Main forms of female sexual disorders: Low desire As much