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Travel during Pregnancy

Travel during pregnancy cannot be avoided for the day to day life even for a house wife.The safety of the pregnant woman while travelling is very essential.   A woman should avoid driving in the last months of pregnancy, for the anxiety and no traffic to let uncomfortable. More than thinking that the ideal means

Mastitis, symptoms and treatments

Mastitis, symptoms and treatments   The pain in the breasts during breastfeeding may be caused by the mastitis and is common to many women in the initiation of breastfeeding. Know what are the symptoms of mastitis, the causes and the treatment, in another article on breast health. What is Mastitis Is an inflammation of the

Excess coffee can lower the breast size

Studies suggests that excess coffee consumption may lead to decrease in the size of the breasts of some women.   The research published in the journal British Journal of Cancer indicates that the decrease occurs due to a genetic variation that affects about 50% of women and only among those who drink three or more

What to do when the child hits his head

The child who falls and hits his head usually is only with a hematoma that normally cures within 2 weeks, it is not necessary to go to the emergency room or consult the pediatrician.Minor head injuries in young children are scary. And although the wounds are usually small, some head injuries need immediate medical care.

Puberty in girls – From Girls to Women

From girl to woman The usually balanced daughter is grouchy, everything annoys you and otherwise they do not know quite what she really wants. Welcome to puberty! From about the age of 10 will begin a phase, which is marked by changes in the body, coupled with moodiness and a “Let-me-but-all-in-peace” – mood. Whether boy

Child development tips

Important steps for child development   The development of young children is an impressive achievement. Alone to school enrolment, they acquire the most important foundations for their future lives. The course of the child’s development is the mutual influence of inherited physical systems, from his own experience of experience and age-appropriate suggestions from the environment

What not to say to a pregnant woman

We follow many rules to take care of a pregnant women but have you ever felt that “what not to say to a pregnant woman” While many women suffer criticism for not wanting to get pregnant, others become judgments and prejudices of target during the period of pregnancy.  Comments and questions, for you may seem

How to avoid nausea during pregnancy

Vomiting and nausea during  pregnancy are considered as common symptoms during early pregnancy. The discomfort usually appears between the second and the third month of pregnancy and is the result of hormonal changes in the woman’s body. Although there is nothing that pregnant can do to prevent sickness, a few tips can be used to alleviate

Head lice treatment

Head lice are disgusting, annoying, they itch and pain and above all they are unhealthy. Head lice are small, wingless parasitic insect that lives in human hairs and feeds on tiny amounts of blood drawn from the scalp. These are very common among kids. Head lice spreads epidemically from other kids, teachers and especially because of