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Vaginal infection symptoms and treatment

If you think you have a Vaginal infection, here are some useful information to make sure, as well as tips to prevent and treat the infection. If you think you have a vaginal yeast infection?  Do not panic, this infection is quite common. In fact, it occurs in 75% of women at least once during their

Home remedies for dry nose

If your nose is wet or running, it might be embarrassing, we cannot have good sleep with dry nose, dry nose causes breathing problems and it can also be really hurting.   Dry nose also is a signal that we are suffering from dry mucous membranes, and that is very bad because dry mucous membranes

Home remedies for rashes

Suddenly reddens the skin, it caused strange pustules or blisters, but above all it itches, that means we have a rash. First, we must determine what itches us there.  If we can not, if fever or other symptoms happen – then we need to see a doctor. But until then we can, of course, access

Home remedies for menstrual cramps

A nasty, painful thing that strongly engages the psyche is menstrual cramps. This leads to cramps in the abdomen, pain all the way up in the upper abdomen, nausea through to complete failure (menstrual pain). Many women feel mentally strained to the utmost, the nerves are on the edge, even hysterical attacks may be the consequences of

Home remedies to control high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common disease.  From the age of 50, almost half of the population suffer from high blood pressure. And this is quite a powerful and dangerous risk factor for vascular disease, renal and heart failure. A change of diet and definitely more and more intense motion (sports) will help for sure. Along with

Whiten the teeth using banana peel

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile with white and healthy teeth.  However, the reality is often a little different, since many people have to deal with stains and yellow teeth in the day-to-day.   There are some habits and specific foods, considered as responsible for the yellowing process of the teeth, and avoiding them

Medical check ups that a woman must do annually

Visiting the doctor regularly for the medical check ups is very important for health. But, unfortunately, is a habit still very ignored.    Medical check ups that a woman must do annually are: 1. Preventive or Pap It is essential for the diagnosis of the first changes in the cervix, which are easy to treat and

The five healthiest fruits to consume

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important to enjoy excellent health.  Obviously, the fruits are some of the foods that bring more benefits to the body, especially vitamins.  That is why their consumption is highly recommended, at all times.  To know little more about them, we are suggesting some healthiest fruits to consume. It is

Chikungunya : Symptoms & Prevention

What is Chikungunya? Chikungunya is a disease transmitted by a mosquito that has the particularity to sting during the day: Aedes albopictus. It is also called “Tiger mosquito” because of its black silhouette with white stripes. Present for many years in Asia, Africa, America and the Indian Ocean. How Chikungunya spreads? A healthy “Tiger” mosquito bites