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Pros and cons of Swimming

Benefits of Swimming:   It is a sport which asks all the muscles of the body and builds endurance.  Swimming seeking harmoniously respiratory and pulmonary system.It enables joints to be unloaded from the body weight on the joints.  Swimming can work his breath in a warm atmosphere.  This is a sport that so othes and

Benefits of climbing stairs

The advantages of climbing up and down the stairs can not be compared with the convenience of using the elevator every day. Anywhere you come across a ladder, there itself you can enjoy exercising. This exercise is aerobic, helps to burn fat, eliminate cellulite and improves cardiovascular health. Lets see what are the benefits of climbing

How to choose the best treadmill for you

Many people complain of not having time to practice sport. If you belong to this group, it may be time to buy a carpet for your home. Treadmill is one of the essential equipment for exercise without leaving home. But before heading to a purchase a treadmill you should always think and ask somebody who

Benefits of Pilates Exercises

Pilates is on the rise! Today it is fashionable to do pilates and who does is satisfied with the game. And no wonder, because the exercise is all about health and wellness. For all those who are motivated and willing to achieve the ideal body, the method can be an excellent tool. In addition to

Walking Benefits for Health

Walking is the ideal solution if you are thinking of loosing weight loss but do not want to starve or devote much effort . Walking is one of the easiest and efficient way to start your fitness program. By choosing walking as a form of exercise is not only to reduce your weight in a

Myths of Fitness

Some of the common Myths of Fitness has been elaborated in this post by which you will realize that not always what we say or what we hear in the gym halls correspond to the truth: Myth 1  – Increased weight with advancing age The majority of people believe that fat is inevitable with age, which

Stretching exercises after jogging

Why is it so necessary to do stretching exercises after jogging or running? The entire back of the body (calves, hamstrings, lower back and spine) absorbed a good deal of shock after jogging or running. The race shrinks and hardens these organs. Hence the importance to practice specific stretching after the return to calm. These


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … all seasons are good to get to jogging. Running is ideal to recuperate or improve fitness. Running, relieves stress and allows fast fitness. But before getting into the race, a few precautions are taken. Follow the advice of our jogger! A check your condition with your doctor is required before

Foods to fight against Cellulite

What is Cellulite? Cellulite is the dimpled, bumpy skin that appears up around the hips, thighs and abs.While both men and women can have cellulite but it’s been reported that up to 90% of women have cellulite. Cellulite actually small pockets of fat trapped under the skin’s surface.Cellulite can form on anyone, even thin people. If

How to lose belly fat

Having a big belly is no longer part of the current standards of beauty for a man or a woman. It used to be a sign of wealth and social success in the past. Now it is world of dynamic image , to look muscular with a flat stomach and toned abs.  Similarly for women after pregnancy