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Tasty breakfast options to lose weight

Tasty breakfast !!! People say “If you want to activate your metabolism and lose weight then eat only oatmeal, egg white or whole grain crackers for breakfast”. But there are other delicious and tasty breakfast options to lose weight. The breakfast is the ideal time to start the day with a healthy and delicious way, and

Chocolate muffins

Give your kids a surprise, prepare tasty Chocolate muffins at home in easy steps: Preparation time: 30 min             Cooking time: 20 min Level: medium recipe for 15 muffins Ingredients: 100g chopped dark chocolate 125g softened butter 200 g caster sugar 2 c.  s to.  maple syrup 2 large eggs 1 c.  to c.  liquid vanilla

Soup to lose weight

Soup is one of the best foods to lose weight. In addition tfilling more the stomach, is a food with low calories and is healthy, because it preserves the nutrients that are in the water for cooking the food. You can use up leftovers in a soup pot and create new variations of favourite recipes.