6 body language tricks that you should know

6 body language tricks that you should knowIn interviews, meetings or at events, most people make a lot of thought about what they say. I say the right thing? How is it with my interlocutors on? What impression do my statements? While these questions are important if you want to present themselves successfully, but it is not so much on your words to, but rather on your body language. Adjust your posture and your body’s signals not to what has been said, can lose their entire effect even the most exciting and interesting statements.Therefore prepare not only your testimony before, but also how you want to present them. For your convenience, we have six body language tricks for more success collected, you should know …

Why body language is so important

Especially in professional life, it is often the goal of a to make good impression. This applies during the application process, similarly as in the office or in everyday conversation with the supervisor.Everyone wants to position yourself in a good light, and thus enhancing its career opportunities to a certain extent. So will every word carefully chosen in order to achieve a positive impact as possible.

It is unfortunately forgotten that the impression is usually already incurred, before ever a word was said. And also during the conversation the actual is content of the statements just a small part of communication. It’s just not what you say but how you say it. The body language is it of fundamental importance. Only when reflect your words also in the signals of your body, you act authentically. For those that do not have their body language under control, can block many career prospects, without realizing it at all.

Body Language Tips: You should use

But can you really change something about your body language? The good news: Yes, it requires, in most cases, although a certain amount of practice because much is done subconsciously, but if you repeatedly remind yourself of your body language and practice over an extended period, is also the new behaviour a habit. But for this to work, you first need to know which points are particularly important in the body language. Therefore, we have six body language tips collected that can help you to be successful.

1. Pay attention to the correct handshake

Proper body language plays an important role already at the welcome. Should you ever have come in the dubious pleasure of a really unpleasant handshake, you can follow this certainly. Both limp hands and brute force create a good impression while facing. The perfect handshake should be confident and not too long. In addition: do not shake! You are the hand and presses, no twitching up and down.

2. Keep eye contact

The classic advice for body language and he is currently as ever. Who does not look his opponent in conversation, gives two impressions: Either he is interested not for his interlocutor or he has something to hide. Not the signals that you want to send. Eye contact indicates your attention and seems sincere. Other hand, avoid incessant stare. This is quickly perceived as unpleasant.

3. Do you value your attitude

They should of course not act stiff as a board, but whether you stand or sit: Your attitude has a great impact on how you come across to others. Correct posture exudes self-confidence and can appear competent, while someone who throws himself comfortably in the chair, often a more casual attitude to work is attributed. And better for your back the correct posture is anyway.

4. Do not fidget

Yes, you’re nervous, upset and do not know quite what to do with your hands. But it is important: not fidgeting around with you in the area. Permanently deleted through his hair, straightening his glasses, rub their hands … All of these things take your interlocutors true more than clear. Put your hands instead quietly before him on the table.

5. Not entangle your arms

To feel safer, or simply because it’s only for a relaxed attitude, some people fold their arms in front of the body. On interlocutors, however, the distance thus constituted acts repellent.If you want to contact are open to, even your body language should support this message.Here often only helps himself again and again to remind you not to fall into old patterns of behaviour.

6. Insert your smile

An honest smile is one of the strongest signals that you can send with your body language.They provide a positive atmosphere for discussion, show your interest and act kindly and sympathetic than people with an unfriendly face. In addition smiling people stay more memorable. A useful effect, for example, during a job interview, or when networking to make new contacts.

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