Stretch marks: how to deal with them?

During pregnancy, the body undergoes hormonal changes and weight changes.  It is often during these periods that stretch marks appear.  How to avoid and mitigate them when they are already present? 

What is stretch marks?

Stretch MarksStretch marks are small reddish-purplish scars that eventually become white pearly once installed.  They are the result of two causes: hormonal changes associated with pregnancy (but also in adolescence), and rapid weight gain.

Generally, the most affected areas are the chest, abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks.  And few women are spared!  The quality of our skin depends on our genetic heritage.  That’s why stretch marks can appear on all women, round or thin.

How stretch marks appear?

Skin is composed of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis.  It is through the collagen fibers and elastic fibers present in the dermis that our skin is resistant.  However, during pregnancy and adolescence, the body secretes a hormone, cortisol, which decreases the production of collagen, making it less flexible.  Result: when the body grows, the skin “crack” and stretch marks appear.

How to make them disappear?

It is difficult to completely eliminate stretch marks.  However, you can mitigate and reduce their size but before we get to this point, nothing like prevention!  Remember to moisturize your skin daily with emphasis on the “risk areas”.  Oils, creams, nourishing milk: treat yourself!

To maximize the penetration of creams and assets, think about replacing your shower gel by a scrub once a week.  Your skin will be cleaned of impurities.

A rich cream twice daily –  If, despite these recommendations a few stretch marks appear, all is not lost.  While still red-purple, you can take action!  Begin by hydrate your body twice a day and insist on the affected areas.  Opt for a rich anti-stretch mark cream, thick, based on argan oil, sweet almond oil or butter.

While applying his cream –  The way you apply your cream affects the processing of your stretch marks.  Take a small amount of product in the palm of your hand and apply it in small circular movements on your body to promote micro-circulation.

Choosing to feel the ride – You can also use the feel method ride to relax the tissues and prevent them become rigid.  Apply your anti-stretch mark cream and start the massage.  What to do?  Take a part of your skin between your fingers and roll it slowly with strong pressure for a few minutes.  And you will promote the production of collagen and elastic fibers.

Consult a dermatologist – In extreme cases and if the stretch marks are too great, the dermatologist may offer a suitable solution, for example, a vitamin A acid based treatment.  But this technique is very irritating to the skin.  It was not until the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding to start.  Other types of treatments like microdermabrasion, which exfoliates the skin deep or laser sessions are also available.

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