Stress management

Stress managementWhat is Stress

A non-specific stress on the body caused by irregularities in normal operation, non-specific, because any disease can cause this constraint. Stress results in a secretion of hormones.

When we perceive something stressful, it follows a cascade of biological events.  This results in the secretion of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

Effective stress hormones must bind to what are called receptors. It’s almost as if the stress hormones carrying a message with a key to say to all the cells of the body what to do.  To receive this message, they need a good lock (receptor).

When cortisol binds to receptors, it can interact with the cells of the body and tell them what to do.  Because it is very important for many biological functions, the cortisol receptor virtually anywhere in the body, including the brain.

Ex .: If you have to run at full speed, you send all your energy to fuel your muscles to run faster and priority will be given to receptors in your leg muscles.

Stress Symptoms

>  You feel you have no or very little control over the situation.
>  Something completely unexpected happens or you may not know in advance what will happen.
>  Something new that you’ve never experienced occurs.

>  Your skills and egos are put to the test. People doubt your abilities.

Acute stress vs chronic stress

There are two kinds of stress have different effects on the brain and body:

Acute stressThis type of stress stems from events or specific situations where we feel we have little control and which involve elements of unpredictability and novelty or threaten our ego: Acute stress is not necessarily bad for us, since it stimulates the secretion of hormones that help us manage the situation.

Ex : narrowly Avoid a traffic accident or a speech before an audience triggers several physical signs like feel his heart pounding, become hyper vigilant, feel drained.  These signs are the result of the action of stress hormones.  That’s what actors call stage fright.  They even need to be more efficient!

Chronic stressThis type of stress resulting from prolonged and repeated exposure to situations that make us secrete stress hormones.  Chronic stress is bad for health, it weakens us.  Many researchers believe that our stress response system is not made to be constantly activated.  Eventually, it may even lead to the depletion of the body.

Indeed, chronic stress leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type II diabetes and depression.  The effects of chronic stress are worse in people at risk of developing a chronic disease.  For example, a family history loaded with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or unhealthy lifestyles may suffice, in chronically stressed people, to trigger those same health problems.

Principles and laws of stress management

How to manage stress?

This question is worth gold!  In theory, we have two alternatives.

First eliminating stress from our lives is not possible but learning to live with stress is Possible

To manage stress, it is important to remember some principles and laws:

Principles  – There is no easy solution and there is no universal solution

Law –  A stressful situation is that if YOU interpret it as being stressful. Remember that what is new for you is not not necessarily for other person.  It is for this reason that stress is a deeply personal and individual experience.

Everyone handles stress differently. Some become withdrawn, others prevail against everything and everyone as there is no universal way to manage stress.

For example yoga and meditation may work for some people, these techniques for other people can be a real torture!  Each of us must find our own way to manage stress.

Key points to remember for optimal stress management !

1. We must dissect our stress – Listen to our bodies and recognize signs that indicate a stress response. Take time for yourself, to identify the source of the problem and develop a plan.

2. We need to rebuild our lives with stress – Finding ways to reduce the impact of stress on our lives.  For some, this can be achieved through yoga, and others, for mountain biking. Remember the beautiful images and good times and deceive your stress response system.

3. We must use our bodies – Doing physical  exercise!  In addition to improving our overall health, this will allow to use the stored energy when we are stressed. It is not necessary to run a marathon, only to be active. Play ball with the kids!

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