Smoking habit in Teenagers

Teenager and cigarette

Smoking habit in TeenagersTeenagers are more exposed than adults to the adoption of addictive behaviors and are having smoking habit.  In 80% of cases, it is in adolescence that the first cigarette is smoked.

Even depreciated sharply in recent years, symbolism associated with smoking retain the charms of transgression and are still often a rite of passage to adulthood.

Today it is estimated that about 30% of young people between 12 and 19 years are having smoking habit. While the overall number of young smokers has declined steadily since the 80s, the consumption of girls is however increasing.

Tobacco Risks

Tobacco use by teens is very heterogeneous and does not have the same characteristics as in adults. This heterogeneity, due to difficulties related to access the product (purchase, “borrowing” in the package of smoking parents) and at the time of consumption (a teen smokes in the day or late afternoon rarely during the night ), reduces the perception of addiction of smoking teenagers.

They start smoking to look like their surroundings, be part of a group or grandstanding. Tobacco dependence is therefore both psychological and physiological. When awareness appears, it is often too late: 75% of young smokers between 15 and 19 who wish to quit smoking do not succeed.

Deter teen smoking

•  Provide rational and scientific explanations about the dangers of tobacco has little effect.
•  Teens are more susceptible to arguments that engage the short term than the long term.
•  To evoke the negative effects on the respiratory and recovery capabilities, the accelerated aging of the skin, impaired quality of hair, seduction (bad breath, tooth decay, yellow teeth), has more impact than of evoke cancer or serious lung disease that appear so distant and abstract for an individual 16 or 17 years!

Tips for parents

•  Develop and maintain trust. Smoking is a serious matter, it should not be a taboo subject.
•  To exchange freely on the subject. Gather information, search the desires, explain the dangers, we must be able to easily talk about tobacco consumption.
•  Breaking rewarding pictures that smoking has long massively transported and vehicle again. Remember that the real distinction, perhaps this is precisely not to smoke, tobacco but never released anyone trapped millions of people in addiction.
•  Being credible. For this, again and again the exemplary. Keep a smoke-free speech when neither parent smokes, it’s easy. When one or both are smokers, they must show that they suffer from their addiction and fail to discard.
•  It would be illusory to hope discourage an adolescent to smoke if their family environment associated with tobacco consumption, the notion of pleasure.
•  When the dependence is established, the medical consultation is required. Beyond the effect of “awareness” due to the medicalization of smoking behavior, it helps to implement taken psychological load (work on oneself) and physiological (NRT) more effective.

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