Organic foods are good for health

Organic foods are good for health with less pesticides and more taste and nutrients

What is an organic product?

Organic foods is said when its production is carried out according to the principles of organic farming.
organic foods are good for healthThis means, first, that the producer does not use synthetic chemicals for soil fertilization and protection of its cultures.  Fertilizers used in organic farming are natural;  it is most often composts, ie manure mixed with decomposed plant waste. As for the protection of crops against insects, fungi and weeds, it must be done without the intervention of chemical pesticides that contain toxic elements.  Organic farmers are fighting against these parasites through substances of vegetable or mineral origin, like copper and sulfur.

In addition, animals raised under organic farming living in health and comfort requirements significantly better than those found in conventional farms.  They are fed from foods devoid of synthetic compounds which are not genetically modified (usually these foods are manufactured locally in the farm where the animals live) have large grazing areas and are cared for by natural methods (without antibiotics).

For example, fruit, vegetables, meat and milk from organic farming come from holdings in which the applied methods guarantee that the products are safe and that the pace of nature is respected.

Eating organic, what are the benefits ?

Organic foods are good for health, from a health point of view, the benefits of a diet bio are considerable.  By eating organic, it ensures that what we eat does not contain toxic residues from fertilization (fertilizer) or crop protection (insecticides, fungicides and herbicides).  Although the presence of very low levels of pesticides can persist for reasons that are unrelated to the products and methods used by organic farmers (contamination of soil and groundwater …).  Eating organic is to preserve its body against these harmful substances, which may hinder the metabolism, immune system and promote the development of certain cancers.
Preference for foods produced from natural methods, but also find the authentic taste of milk, meat and fruit and vegetables.  These are not overly waterlogged by intensive irrigation and harvested at maturity, thus retaining all their original flavor.  Meat is “dry” because animals are not locked up all day in small box: they are raised outdoors and therefore accumulate less fat as they walk and run more.  For its part, the milk is collected from dairy cows that are not treated with antibiotics, which feed healthy and not stressed.  In the end, we obtain a high quality milk to taste much better.

In addition, it was found that products from organic farming had higher nutrient levels.  Fruits and vegetables are rich in polyphenols, known for their antioxidant action and their contribution in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.  As for organic milk, it focuses more omega-3 and vitamins A and E.

Where to find organic food and how to recognize them?

There are more and more shops specializing in the marketing of organic products.  All types of food (dairy products, pasta, fruit, vegetables …) are represented, and in a variety constantly growing.  For their part, the major brands of large retailers have already booked entire aisles to supply organic, some from ninety years.  Finally, the best way to eat organic is to source from local producers.  It helps them while consuming seasonal products in the restaurant.

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