Honey therapy

Honey is the energy food with excellence health aid, first class food for infants, children and elderly and a tonic for athletes and people who feel fatigued.


Honey therapyIt is a sedative for the body. Below are the Honey therapy

•  Liver: increases the amount of glycogen available, which exerts a protective function on the liver.
•  Respiratory disorders: cough, bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throats.
•  Heart, increases the flow of the coronary vessels.  Save energy by facilitating the weary heart contractions.
•  Fatigue: works against fatigue. It helps to restore the balance. It suppress sugar benefit of honey we ensure a very good recovery.
•  Digestion: against constipation (taking a tablespoon accompanied by a fruit). It also protects the intestinal flora thanks to its antiseptic power.
•  Skeletal system:  honey is very good for bones and teeth.
•  Injuries: its antiseptic, it is very effective against all types of wounds thanks to its power to regenerating cells.

Honey Recipes

Some simple recipes you can easily prepare at home and the ingredients are easy to get.

•  Cough – Mix two tablespoons of glycerin with honey. Take a small teaspoon of this mixture.
•  In case of bronchitis –  boil in a linen bag 175 grams.  In decoction add the juice of three lemons and half a kilo of honey for one liter of compound.
•  For constipation –  mix honey with boiled milk, equally, taking two cups a day for two or three weeks. Take it hot.
•  For colds and hoarsely –  squeezing a lemon and dilute with an ounce of hot water, add two teaspoons of honey and go taking sips.
•  To heal wounds –  Mix equal parts honey with cod liver oil.  Smeared with this mixture and see wounds that heal virtually overnight.
•  Recipe against freckles –  Mix 250 g of honey, lemon juice, 60 g of glycerol, 60 mm 70º alcohol.  Apply in the morning and at bedtime.
•  Remedy against skin impurities – mix equal parts honey and milk to the mixture by adding the juice of a lemon.  Shake them hard and apply the emulsion to the skin every night before bed. The skin will be clean and see how grains and impurities disappear.

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