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Human Papillomavirus – HPV

What is Human Papillomavirus (HPV) The Human Papillomavirus (HPV), is a virus that lives on the skin and mucous membranes of humans, such as the vulva, vagina, cervix of uterus and penis. Is a sexually transmitted infection (STI). The absence of condoms in sexual act is the main cause of transmission. It is also possible

Drinks for weight loss

If you’re thinking of starting a plan to lose weight, take our drink for weight loss throughout the day. The preferred drink for weight loss must be the water. In fact, the water is the biggest ally of those who want to lose weight: it’s cheap, safe, has no calories and it helps our body eliminate

True or false? Misconceptions about beer

Beer makes you fat, rehydrates after sport, makes hair shine … While the summer sun sets in the outdoor seats are expensive and the mugs are filled, what about conventional wisdom the fermented drink? Here we discuss the issue on the misconceptions about beer. Beer makes you fat: False. Sweep the myth about the “beer bellies”!

Foods that whiten your teeth naturally

Your smile is your business card. Most people have heard this phrase and agreed that to take     care of oral health is critical. However, keeping well maintained white teeth – which ensures a more beautiful smile – is not always easy.  Many people have doubts on what kind of food / habits should be avoided for

Foods that stain teeth

Some foods have the power to stain your teeth and should be eaten in less quantity and moderation. Below is the list of foods that stain teeth – •  Red wine •  Grape juice •  Coffee •  Soft drinks cola •  Teas •  Beet •  Acai •  Soy sauce •  Ketchup “They can stain your teeth

Myths and Truth about Bread

There are many myths and truth about bread, bread is still a food surrounded by misconceptions.   Myth : bread is fattening: The bread often becomes the No. 1 enemy of the diet starts when dieting. But prevents he really slim down? “If you eat a lot, bread, like everything else, of course can make

Smoking habit in Teenagers

Teenager and cigarette Teenagers are more exposed than adults to the adoption of addictive behaviors and are having smoking habit.  In 80% of cases, it is in adolescence that the first cigarette is smoked. Even depreciated sharply in recent years, symbolism associated with smoking retain the charms of transgression and are still often a rite

Home remedies for burns

Open fire is rarely used in our household except you can sit comfortably in the evening by the fireplace. Also in the kitchen there is as good as completely disappeared and with glowing materials is barely worked.  Nevertheless, accidents do happen and leads to burns. For severe burns, there is only one thing. To consult the doctor

Tips to stop Hiccups

Many of you know that certainly from my own experience. It is just in the middle of a conversation, and talks, suddenly the fluency of a dreaded is interrupted “Hicks!”. The hiccups makes it impossible that we continue to participate in the conversation. Unless we know the cure and tips to stop Hiccups, with which you

Regular hand washing

It is recommended to teach your kid the benefits of regular hand washing as early as possible, it will become a good habit and will therefore contribute in their health care.   The bacteria and infections are most often transmitted through our hands, so hand washing is very important. The children in their very first stage