Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin

Benefits of Almond Oil for SkinThe almond oil is obtained by cold pressing. It is a tonic increasingly used in cosmetics for its large number of qualities that make it ideal for the skin. Almond oil’s great soothing capacity makes it ideal for these circumstances and can be easily mixed with other essences.

Most of us have heard of almond oil benefits and nurturing qualities from our mothers and grandmothers.Almond oil has been known for its oil great properties and recognized thousands of years ago and it has been an integral part of Ayurvedic medicines and used in other purposes for thousands of years in India. There are several claims made by our ancestors about the health benefits of almond oil such as it is good for heart health, useful in delaying ageing, effective for sharp memory and lots more.

The almond oil is obtained by cold pressure that is over the fruit. It is generally introduced in all types of cosmetic compositions since their presence alone will provide the product soothing properties for the skin. That way, almond oil becomes an ideal ally for any skin problem.

Almond oil benefits for skin in nutshell:

  • It is especially suitable for dry skins , rough and scaly.
  • In its pure state are obtained its best properties. You can get some great quality in any home herbal products. This oil is ideal for any massage for its light consistency that allows gentle circular motions, leaving a very soft and hydrated.
  • Acts as stimulating the production of collagen and fibrous giving firmness and elasticity to tissues, improving and preventing wrinkles and stretch marks. Also the sweet almond oil is recommended in many anti-cellulite treatments . We recommend the application of sweet almond oil as prevention, either during pregnancy or when you are raising or lowering weight.
  • It may be used alone directly in the region to address or you can create your own creams and masks mixing with other ingredients such as avocado to moisturize, moisten and treat wrinkles or rosehip oil to improve skin elasticity.
  • Adding other essential oils you can “play” in their own home to prepare their own cosmetic product. Simply choose the essence you like best and prepare your own body oil, adding a few drops to a tablespoon full of almond oil.
  • This natural oil is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and emollient and can be taken for digestive problems or applied directly to inflamed areas as dark circles.
  • It also acts as calming in cases of irritation and its high moisturizing power makes it ideal to apply on wounds and bruises provided they are not of gravity.

Image Courtesy : Listovative