Avoid hangover

Avoid hangoverCarnival is a time of joy, to celebrate and to rest the mind. Unfortunately, many people end up exaggerating the drink. If you exaggerate, be attentive and learn to recover quickly to avoid hangover.

Acute alcoholism

Unlike the repetitive use of alcohol and prolonged, sporadic excessive use, it is called acute alcoholism. It usually causes no definitive damage to the body’s organs, despite causing great discomfort. After that first moment of euphoria, it has the effect of depression. Those muscles and nerves that felt so powerful before the alcohol already feel weak and tired. This is because the nervous system was so excited that it is now powerless. In addition to this state of fatigue, there are the physical effects such as headache, vomiting, and gastritis caused by alcohol.

When alcoholism becomes chronic (careful!), It can bring many health hazards. Some examples include: brain injuries, weight gain and fat accumulation (especially in the abdominal region), type 2 diabetes, ulcers and inflammation of the stomach and intestine, hepatitis, depression, damage to the kidneys, bladder, prostate and pancreas, among other diseases .

Tips to Cure hangover

Well, the damage has already been done, you drank too much. What to do to cure this hangover, and what to do to prevent this from happening again?


Now is the time to hydrate your body and replenish lost minerals. The coconut water is the best remedy in this case. Water, fruit juices and teas are also welcome. Some herbs help to renew the liver cells and thereby accelerate the process of purifying the toxins of alcohol. Sarsaparilla teas, yerba picão, chamomile and lemon balm are excellent detoxifying. After meals, the green tea and mint facilitate the digestion.


Rest for about five hours after drinking, the brain cells begin to recover but are still ultra-sensitive. That’s why the light and noise bother you so much. The next day, the damage is still felt and it is practically impossible to concentrate. If possible, rest. Keep the lights off, curtains drawn and lie down. At that moment what the body needs most is rest.

Avoid drugs:

Although some medications help minimize the damage produced by alcohol, such as those that unite analgesic (against headache), antacid (against burning in the stomach) and antiemetic (against sickness), none are able to solve everything at once, and the best recovery always takes the natural time the body.


Eating before drinking is the golden rule against hangover. When we drink on a full stomach, food decreases the spread of alcohol the walls of the stomach and slows the passage of alcohol into the intestines, where it is rapidly absorbed. Thus, the alcohol gradually enters the bloodstream and takes longer to reach the brain.
Consume food easily digestible; make a light diet, low in fat, rich in fruits, vegetables and liquids. On the menu include complex carbohydrates such as bread and cookie water and salt. Alcohol increases the acidity and irritate the stomach lining. The dried and savory food slows the production of acid. These foods also give energy to the liver time to process the toxins and excessive drinking. Let go of white sauce, yellow cheese and frying.

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